Our Services

In Servicios Integrales DEIFI S.A. de C.V. we have a very complete team of trained and certified operators in the handling of heavy machinery for residential and commercial construction. We specialize in the operation and administration of heavy machinery, providing services for the development and execution of works and projects in the Riviera Maya area.

Our human team is formed by Engineers and specialists in the operation of heavy machinery. We have the necessary experience and equipment to carry out each project in the best way, professionally and obtaining excellent results. The staff is highly trained to execute all types of works, always keeping in mind the safety and standards of the company.

We have two types of equipment mainly to carry out our work: Telehandler JCB models 550-140 and 540-170 and Backhoes models CAT 416 F2, CAT 426 F2.

Telehandler JCB

The Telehandler JCB has a load capacity of 4 tons without stabilizers, and with stabilizers it reaches a maximum height of 14 and 17 meters, with a load capacity of 1 ton, respectively. Among the multiple functions of this manipulator are: cement loading for the work area, facilitating the heavy work and allowing cost efficiencies for our clients; loading of dust and gravel at each level of the buildings; block loading and elevation to any required level, up to 17 meters high; and elevation of material to the second and third level of each construction.

Backhoes CAT

The Backhoes CAT have a load capacity in the frontal boat of 2,200 kg, and in excavation with the hammer it reaches a height of 5 meters 20 centimeters. They work as a dedicated excavation equipment, as well as a front-loading tool. Their utility is very versatile, and they are characterized by their excavation, trenching, filling and material handling capabilities, providing power and precise handling, which is necessary for areas where it isn’t practical the use of larger equipment.

Quality Services

We offer quality services in all of the construction works, helping our clients to plan and develop their projects, in such a way that we contribute to increase their value, that is, to provide highly efficient services that give a timely response to their needs.

Guaranteed Productivity

We take care of the productivity of your project, using current technology and guaranteeing the efficiency of our machinery. We offer a complete portfolio to meet all your needs, as well as the adaptability of each machine to perform the various required tasks.